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Bodywork & Meditation
The secret ingredient to DNA transformation.


ASMR Bodywork is essential to being human and the benefits are clear, long lasting and extra-ordinary.

I call it the Mixology of Energy.

Frequencies have the capacity to link and bond with the soft antenna’s of the cells which are responsive to intention and the environment. I implement physical vibrations to move stagnant energy and penetrate the cells using specialized equipment. I also use guided voice activations, intuitive bodywork and vedic thai massage to reprogram the body and release emotional trauma.

Fusing all these arts I’ve studied over the last 10 years, my clients and myself continue to see massive breakthroughs. It releases anxiety, cellular regeneration, reducing tension in the connective tissue, releasing old neural pathways, rewiring a new you and making new synaptic connections.

What is ASMR?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response heightens the capacity to feel more than ever before through the brain, the skin and throughout the whole body for those that are sensitive, as I use specific auditory, sound healing elements through the left and right hemispheres of the brain. All immersed in headphones.

Meditation is one of the most powerful practices we can use to activate and transform our DNA. I help guide you through a deeper understanding of the mind body complex and help you travel into slower brainwave patterns and deeper states of Brainwave Entrainment. (Sleep)

Through proper preparation of the body and mind, we are able to travel into the dimensional aspects of the non-self, experiencing gratitude, abundance, freedom from identification, manifestation of a new paradigms, making new connections and seeing new patterns.

Also integrating Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, I will lead you through a 2 hour sequence combining all of the above to upgrade your biology.

When combining education, frequencies and vibration with meditation, the mind is prepared to receive the information and assimilate it through a full body & spirit activation.

I’ve been a bodywork practitioner and meditation facilitator for over 15 years, working in luxury resorts, holding in-home private retreats with private clients and in corporate environments.

I am at your service!


Jason Brett
(Founder at CBD Oil Review)

"Josiah is a blessing. He has helped create profound rapid easy shifts for my body, mind and soul. His deep studies and working knowledge of ASMR, vibration, geometry and anatomy gives him a unique position from which to enable rapid ascension for his clients. If you are wanting to go deep or just get a quick tune up Josiah will greet you with love and see you in the highest vibration you know to be true. Get enabled, work with Josiah."  


Mary Catherine 
(Author - Poet, Female Empowerment Coach, BUTI Yoga Master Trainer)

Doing weekly work with Josiah has been the single greatest gift of love I’ve given myself in the beautifully wild year that was 2016! Each week purified me in the ways that needed purification, relaxed my nervous system and body so I could receive more love in the days ahead and fortified me on my path. Because of our work together, how clear my mind would be after and how good my body would feel, i was able to move much more gracefully through otherwise challenging and emotional times. I highly recommend weekly sessions for anyone sincere about the path of re-patterning and re-memebering the truth of who you are. So good!

Half way through our first ASMR Bodywork experience I knew I wanted to do this once a month! My feelings at the end of our time together was no different, I was in love with this experience! is a portal in every sense of the word and Josiah so powerfully and playfully guides you through each phase of the portal (yoga, meditation and massage) in a way that allows you to fully release resistance and break open to the divine intelligence and love present in every moment. ASMR Bodywork seems to be intelligently designed so that you can receive whatever download you need to assist you on your path towards wholeness and restored LOVE. To me, there is a before and after that is clearly seen and felt, it’s THAT significant and so good. If you feel even the slightest yes to experiencing this for yourself, I hope you will follow that divine nudge! It’s my hope all beings get to have this experience with Josiah as their guide.  So good.