The Frequency Shaman 


April 20, 2018 - 7:30 - 9:30pm

A Silent Savasana & XenXen Yoga Studio Collaboration

Hosted by Josiah Samadhi 

Frequency Movement Meditation
The secret ingredient to DNA transformation.


Meditation is one of the most powerful practices we can use to activate and transform our DNA. 

And through proper preparation of the body and mind, we are able to travel into the dimensional aspects of the non-self, experiencing gratitude, abundance, freedom from identification, manifestation of abundance and healing old paradigms & patterns.

Bringing a fusion of Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Yoga, Tribal Movement, Special DNA-Activating Frequencies and Meditation, Josiah will lead you through a 2 hour sequence to reprogram your unconscious mind, nervous system and upgrade your biology.

He guides the session using a combination of planetary elements (crystal bowls), electromagnetic frequencies and hypnotic voice activations. He termed this new eclectic instrumental sound "Crystal Alchemy Beats". Throughout his life, he always resonated with the African and HipHop undertones in all music which was the inspiration behind this new genre.

When combining education, frequencies and movement with meditation, the mind is prepared to receive the information and assimilate it through a full body & spirit activation.

Josiah Samadhi has been leading in-home programs and group events in the Spiritual & Holistic Healing space for over 15 years, including everything from yoga and meditation to bodywork and his unique style of Movement Meditation.


Price - $40 early bird, $50 day of event

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XenXen Yoga Studio

Workshop Location
Las Vegas, NV