Hosted by Josiah Samadhi


April 13, 2019 - 7pm - 10am next day

Cocoa Ceremony

Overnight Stay at Temple Baba Wasi
Late Hours Ceremony Dinner & Breakfast included


The secret ingredients to DNA transformation.



A new way to experience sound healing, heart coherence and neurohacking with tangible physical and psychological upgrades.

360° Sound Journey - NeuroFrequencies with Cocoa Medicine.

Imprinting new medicinal codes and frequencies for cellular transformation.

As your astral travel tour guide, I will help you clear old patterns, deprogram old beliefs systems, removing and pruning old synaptic connections of the brain and helping you step into a new dimensional aspect of the self. 


A mini sleep nest for yourself - 2 pillows, eye mask, small shawl or mini blanket to cover your body and to sleep over night and few altar items to support your journey


This 4 hour ceremony will help reprogram your unconscious mind, nervous system and upgrade your neurobiology. 

Opening Grounding Circle

• Breathwork - transmutation of stagnant energy

• Micro-dosing and potentiating with Cocoa for individuals and for all vibrations to merge as one to show itself.

• Neurofrequency Sound Bath

• Bodywork, opening up Meridians
Specific Crystal Bowl frequencies throughout combined with DNA Fibonacci sequenced tones.

• Pineal gland activation - Kaleidoscope for activation for one's own Sacred Geometry/Cosmic Creation, combined with sound, breath and guided voice activations to stimulate the energy centers.

• Movement with Vision (528 Hz conscious beats)

• All these unify together in the body to activate an out of body experience, as the meditation space is much easier to explore and one can tap into ones truest and highest potential.

• Then you move into channeled writing as we come out of the meditational space.

• Organic Vegan Meals included - Late hours, prepared dinner after journey and breakfast

• Sharing Grounding Circle

• Rest and next morning we rise with Yoga, breakfast & Closing Grounding Circle.



“May my meditation be a healing tool for this vessel and help me develop new neuropathways, reprogramming and integrating a new vibration and a new frequency of health, peace, love and abundance.”

Josiah Samadhi has been studying and teaching meditation, yoga, and a variety of healing techniques for over 15 years. Inspired to help others listen to that powerful voice within so that all could experience wellness and inner peace, Josiah learned many powerful, esoteric healing techniques — all of which come into play as he lives his soul’s purpose — to serve as a healer, an urban shaman and to share this magic with the world.

Josiah’s instrumental movement MEDITATION is a gift

so please ask for link after ceremony.

Vibrate your DNA-Bowls-Instrumental.jpg

Bringing a fusion of Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Movement, Special DNA-Activating Frequencies and Meditation, Josiah will lead you through a reprogramming of your unconscious mind, nervous system and upgrade your biology.

Contact me by phone for any questions (for the fastest response) @ (561) 400-5411 or email

ceremonial Location
Las Vegas, NV

Temple • Baba Wasi