What is Eye Neurohacking?

Eye Neurohacking is a revolutionary new meditation technique based on the proven beneficial effects derived from the ancient practice of eye gazing.  As has been demonstrated by scientific research into this meditative concept, experts who study eye gazing realize that eye gazing produces a plethora of benefits.

How does a person become an Eye Neurohacker?

The practice involves looking at ones own eyes in the mirror,  to move beyond ego and witness the true self because when you do this, you are, in fact,  hacking your neurobiology and developing your neuroplasticity. The more a person understands that the eyes help us navigate the world and our body, the more we become aware that we are complex bio-systems with different layers of body mass and energy. Everyone knows that the eyes have a direct correlation to the brain and nervous system, that is why they become our own inner/outer GPS tracking system taking in millions of bits of data per second.

What are the benefits of Eye Neurohacking.

Because eye gazing was, in fact,  practiced by ancient spiritual civilizations, there are many known benefits of eye neurohacking.

  • Repair damaged DNA.
  • Develop new neuropathways. 
  • Live in a upgraded state of consciousness.  
  • Update a new software for your bioelectro magnetic machinery?
  • Neuroengineer yourself back to coherence
  • Change your biology
  • A deeper connection with your inner child
  • Develop strong communication skills
  • Prevent dis-ease in mind and body
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— Jason Bret - CEO - CBD Review