My Journey


My Journey


Josiah`s Journey

You are not the drop in the ocean, but to only realize you are the ocean within the droplet
— Rumi

Josiah Samadhi has been studying and teaching meditation for over 15 years. Growing up as the son of two spiritual community leaders/healers within the dynamic spiritual and culturally diverse community of Toronto, he became aware of the mind, body and spirit complex and noticed a greater form of energy that lies within us.

At the age of 19, Josiah`s life was to forever change when he recieved a diagnosis of early stage prostrate cancer and psoriases. This "metaphysical night of the soul" inspred Josiah to begin a powerful journey of discovery as he rejected the dangerous route into medication, choosing to listen to that powerful voice within and seek a healing through the power of meditation.

He learned that the first step in this inspiring journey was the hardest, to thank the very thing that was causing him pain, his illness. As he immersed himself in gratitude, he began to address his emotional imprints and deep-rooted belief systems that existed within his cells, learning how to heal himself through channeled meditation techniques and Vipasana. He came to the profound awareness that the gift of a healer is illness and having dis-ease within the body.  The more he learned from his challenges and experiences, the more he realize his soul purpose; to become a healer, an urban shaman and to share this magic with the world.

In 2008 having healed himself by practicing and teaching yoga, Josiah, already practicing and teaching yoga for 4 years, he moved to Florida from Costa Rica and learned the ancient tradition of Vedic Thai Yoga Massage and meditations. A defining life changing moment in his development as a spiritual healer and teacher came when his then mentor taught him Tratak Meditation and Eye Gazing.

Moving forward to 2017, Josiah has shared his powerful knowledge and healing techniques to many people overcome personal challenges.  Josiah prefers to focus on disciplines that demonstrably help people reach new levels of personal development and inner peace.

Now living in Encinitas, California, Josiah counsels clients all over the USA. He is also married to the beautiful Angelina, and together they shine a powerful healing light into the world.


It is my calling to help others achieve harmony within their bodies and tap into the greater field of consciousness, creating a ripple effect of healing for ourselves, our planet and all living beings.
— Josiah Samadhi
  • Sacred Geometry Movement and Yoga Facilitator

  • Eye Neurohacker

  • Advance meditation expert

  • Energy worker and Vedic Thai Massage Teacher

  • Advanced Sound Healing


Beginners Guide to Ascension

To ultimately come back into your heart.

Let my meditation be a healing tool for this vessel and help me develop new neuropathways, reprogramming my old self into my higher self and ultimately coming back to zero.
— Josiah Samadhi

The meditation ascension program focuses on calling in epic relationships within your own body, which means finding peace on a cellular level through subtle energy bodies to finding your soulmate and building an amazing community.

In this spiritual discipline, Josiah teaches exercises to help deepen your daily meditation practice, reprogram your belief systems, heal your body, embody sacred geometry, yoga and movement ceremonies, in addition to, energy work, creativity and learning the profound healing properties of food. By creating profound awareness, mindfulness and meditation, Josiah`s client`s physical and emotional bodes are heightened, which means that they realize the enormous value they receive as a result of self-enquiry and self-love.