Ecstatic Movement
Dance in Love & Freedom




Jonathan Quintin.
(Mentor & Teacher of Sacred Geometry & Universal Order)

From a selection of crystal bowls, Josiah Samadhi masterfully draws forth the harmonics of the cosmos. He creates a symphony of universal tones resonant to all of nature and human existence. Immersion in these sonic fields is soothing to the soul and helps us open to the greater whole. Josiah is an active Light Worker of many skills that are directed to helping people make the transition from the old way to the new paradigm of unity. He sees the best in the people he coaches and develops ways to manifest their potential. 



Julie Fancher
(Transportation Reporter, Dallas morning news)

I have worked with Josiah for the last few years and it has completely transformed my life. Not only in terms of yoga, but in terms of how I eat and my lifestyle. Before working with Josiah I didn't have a good concept of how to eat for my body. I tried fad diets and would stick with them as long as they worked, but Josiah helped teach me that being healthy this is a lifestyle. Since working with Josiah, my entire family has learned how to eat and how to, most importantly care, for our bodies. In yoga, I am a completely different student than I was five years ago. Working with Josiah I have become better at being mindful during my practice and not getting frustrated if I can't hold a pose for that long or if I'm not feeling well on a particular day. Josiah always reminds me to listen to my body, something I used to never do before. That's not to say his classes are easy. Sometimes a 30 minute session is just as challenging as an hour-long session. But that's what I love about Josiah's yoga style--it's completely personalized to what I'm working on or what my specific needs are. And not only do I find myself becoming significantly more flexible, but I have become so much stronger since we started working. I can now do poses that I never thought would be possible, and a lot of that came from learning that I can't compare myself to where others are in their practice. Josiah always reminds me that my yoga journey is my own and is there to help me along the way. I love working with Josiah and seeing where my practice can take me.  




Jason Brett
(Founder at CBD Oil Review)

"Josiah is a blessing. He has helped create profound rapid easy shifts for my body, mind and soul. His deep studies and working knowledge of vibration, geometry and anatomy gives him a unique position from which to enable rapid ascension for his clients. If you are wanting to go deep or just get a quick tune up Josiah will greet you with love and see you in the highest vibration you know to be true. Get enabled, work with Josiah." 



Iwona Szpiech
(Therapist & Healer)

Josiah is a master of ceremony dance and sound healing. Authentic in nature he provides a safe and honoring space for self expression. Next level human being with the spice of humor and love, Josiah is a pleasure to be around. Transmissions of energy and light in his presence plus playfulness of child, kindness and love allow for increased awareness of my own body and spirit....


Mary Catherine
(Author - Poet, Female Empowerment Coach, BUTI Yoga Master Trainer)

Doing weekly work with Josiah has been the single greatest gift of love I’ve given myself in the beautifully wild year that was 2016! Each week purified me in the ways that needed purification, relaxed my nervous system and body so I could receive more love in the days ahead and fortified me on my path. Because of our work together, how clear my mind would be after and how good my body would feel, i was able to move much more gracefully through otherwise challenging and emotional times. I highly recommend weekly sessions for anyone sincere about the path of re-patterning and re-memebering the truth of who you are. So good!

Half way through our first M3 experience I knew I wanted to do this once a month! My feelings at the end of our time together was no different, I was in love with this experience! M3 is a portal in every sense of the word and Josiah so powerfully and playfully guides you through each phase of the portal (yoga, meditation and massage) in a way that allows you to fully release resistance and break open to the divine intelligence and love present in every moment. M3 seems to be intelligently designed so that you can receive whatever download you need to assist you on your path towards wholeness and restored LOVE. To me, there is my life before M3 session with Josiah and my life after M3 - it’s THAT significant and good. If you feel even the slightest yes to experiencing this for yourself, I hope you will follow that divine nudge! It’s my hope all beings get to have this experience with Josiah as their guide.  So good.



Jennifer Harris
(Independent Consultant) Founder, JH Collective, Inc. 

 I asked for “magic” and he came in like the most gentle of sorcerers. He knew my family wanted to nourish my mom for her birthday and he simultaneously juiced up my entire family through meditation, movement, and moments of gratitude. Never in my life have I shared such a positive, present experience with my whole tribe. My sister meditated, my dad did yoga, my mom found sound healing and serenity, and my brother in law tapped into his mystical roots. Together, this “shamanic healing experience” combined with plant-based eats, exceeded our expectations. It truly crystallized, pun-intended, our collective commitment to self-care and celebration. Lastly, I want to say, Josiah emanates trust in the divine and trust in his care. This is a gift, a blessing, a skill we can all benefit from as we aim to heal ourselves so we can heal our families, our communities and the world. I am so grateful for the magical day! I simply can't wait to do it again. - Jennifer Harris, age 39



Jamye Blackwood
(CEO of her family - Family Working Mother)

Josiah's massages are a total mind-body-spirit experience. He instinctively knows where to focus and how to direct energy to create an intensely beautiful, safe, and restful state where I can fully relax and be present. Afterward I feel invigorated and restored, with a renewed sense of peace and clarity. His knowledge and compassion helped get me through a very difficult pregnancy, for which I will always be grateful. I've never had a better massage, and I'm sure I never will. Josiah is the best!!